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Winter Mountaineering

Today I was joined by Andy for some winter mountaineering skills. After the recent thaw and refreeze I was hopeful of finding some decent firm snow for andy to Practice using his crampons and ice axe. We headed up into Cwm Bochlwyd and onto Y Gribin. Met by some pretty gnarly weather but we were rewarded with some good patches of re-frozen snow. We made our way up the Y Gribin ridge looking at personal movement skills and also some avalanche awareness as there were some patches of recently formed windslab to look at.

At the top we descended down into Cwm Cneifion - using the rope and snow anchors - before climbing back up Hidden Gully. We made our way down Senior's Ridge and back into Cwm Cneifion. A great winter day out.

Good winter scrambling on Y Gribin
Looking toward Tryfan
Looking at some wind slab

In Hidden Gully

Topping out on Hidden Gully

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