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Single to Multi Pitch Climbing

Joined by Simon, Joe, Steve and James yesterday for a day of climbing instruction. Theme of the day was to take their single pitch climbing skills into the multi pitch environment. Spent the day at Little Tryfan which although not the biggest crag in the world (60m at its highest) it is a great place to climb and a good place if you are just starting out - nice and slabby, lots of cracks to place protection and nice clean, grippy rock.

Keeping things organised on a hanging stance.

We started with a refresher on the various ways to attach to anchors at a stance - using the rope and slings. We then discussed how to stay tangle free at the stance and be efficient. A few tips on where and how to stash the rope on small stances, which way to stand when belaying and how to do a quick, safe changeover.

We put it all into practice on numerous pitches and included how to safely get off by abseil.

A good day of climbing with a mega keen team.

Swapping gear at the stance ready for the next pitch.

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