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Classic Rock Climbing day in Cwm Idwal

Sun was shining for my day out with Mike, working for Seren Ventures. He wanted to have a go at multi pitch climbing and no better venue to have your first day than Idwal Slabs in the Ogwen Valley. The slabs offer some excellent lower grade routes and several can be linked together.

We started on Tennis Shoe, graded Hard Severe. This is one of the harder climbs on the main slabs and has 4 -5 pitches of brilliant climbing with an exhilarating finish. After that we climbed Lazarus - a 2 pitch Severe then The Groove Above, another Severe. As we'd to the top of the continuation wall we were able to take the slightly easier descent off to the right.

We were soon back at the foot of the slabs and after a bit of lunch headed back up the route Hope, a lovely Very Difficult climb and one of the first routes recorded here.

4 great routes done and about 1000 feet of climbing - top day.

Idwal Slabs
Midway on Tennis Shoe

Tennis Shoe and Cwm Idwal

The first ledge.

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