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Stunning Day On Crib Goch

Today I was out with 5 gents for their first trip along Crib Goch. To get ahead of the crowds and get a parking space we went for an early start, although even at 6am the car park at Pen Y Pass was nearly full.

The hills were shrouded in mist but the forecast was promising. The ascent of the East Ridge gave us no views but at east it was dry with good scrambling conditions. At the top we took a break, the clouds threatening to break. Soon they did, revealing a a fantastic vista of mountains, clouds and blue skies. Ideal conditions to see a Brocken Spectre and it wasn't long before we did. always a special moment seeing one, the conditions need to be just right.

Brocken Spectre

The knife edge ridge of Crib Goch

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